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We provide a comprehensive array of mining-related documents designed to meet diverse project needs. In our first section, we offer Conceptual Study, Pre-Feasibility Stage, and Feasibility Stage documents covering Engineering Discipline, Geoscience, Metallurgy, Human Resources, Government & Social Affairs, Legal, Mining Discipline, Project Management Discipline, Supply Chain, Safety, and Sustainable Development. In the second section, we present a complete suite of Management Guideline documentation, including Project Execution Planning, Project Scope Management, Owner's Project Team Definition & Structure, Project Integration Management, OPEX Estimating, Project Change Management, Operational Readiness Planning, Project Schedule Management, Project Cost Management, Project Risk Management, Design & Engineering Management, EPCM Contractor Management Reference, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications, Project Close Out Reference, Project Quality Management, Project Document Management, and Post-Investment Review. In the third section, our documentation covers Study Requirements for Civil Infrastructure, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control and Instrumentation, Mineral Residue Engineering, and Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Management. These meticulously crafted documents have been developed by top industry consultants with extensive mining knowledge and experience. They are exceptionally thorough and suitable for various mining projects, including extraction mines, open pits, new projects, or extensions to existing mines. With clear, easy-to-understand layouts, all the information needed for successful project execution is readily available.
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