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Accident Report

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This Comprehensive 5 page Accident Report consists of 12 sections, the 1st is Project Details (8 sub-sections), the 2nd is Person Making Report (5 sub-sections), the 3rd is About injured Person (11 sub-sections), the 4th is about Organisations Involved (6 sub-sections), the 5th is People / Witnesses Involved (8 sub-sections), the 6th is Accident Description (7 Crucial sub-sections), the 7th is Treatment (7 sub-sections), 8th is Injuries Sustained (36 points), 9th is Injury Mapping (4 sub-sections with 72 points), 9th is PPE (3 sub-sections with 8 points), 10th is Causes (3 sub-sections with 47 Points), 11th is Related Documents and 12th is Distribution (6 points). As you can see the amount of information contained in this (1000+ words) document is extensive and ensures nothing is missed. This document is 100% compliant. This document contains text only and is in Word format for easy electronic infilling. When purchased, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link for instant and easy download to any electronic device. The link does not expire, that means you could download this document in future as and when you need it.

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