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Contractors Method Statement

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This Comprehensive 19 page Contractors Method Statement contains a Wide-Ranging amount of Information, this is an Extremely Thorough Method Statement and ensures every aspect is Captured, Thought Through and Documented. The following is contained: 1st Project, Revision and Details (10 sub-sections. 2nd Location, Overview and Description (Each containing Guidance of what is required), 3rd Supervisory and Management (7 sub-sections), 4th Risks and Hazards (14 sub-sections), 5th Competencies (14 sub-sections), 6th PPE (7 sub-sections), 7th Full WAH description (3 sub-sections), 8th Inspections (7 sub-sections), 9th Monitoring (6 sub-sections), 10th Certification (8 sub-sections), 11th Permits (13 sub-sections), 12th Management Inspections (5 sub-sections), 13th Plant and Equipment (10 sub-sections), 14th Waste (6 sub-sections), 15th Small Plant (13 sub-sections), 16th Lifting Plans & Temporary Works (10 sub-sections), 17th Hazardous Substances (6 sub-sections), 18th Refuelling (6 sub-sections), 19th Environmental (10 sub-sections), 20th Welfare (11 sub-sections), 21st Logistics (6 sub-sections), 22nd Emergencies (8 sub-sections), 23rd Project Specifics (contains guidance), 24th Risk Assessment Summary (17 sub-sections), 25th Communication and Monitoring (8 sub-sections), 26th Appendices (7 sub-sections). Each of these aforementioned sections contains guidance so you know exactly what you need to add in (written in red and highlighted in yellow). As you can see this (2400+ words) document is complete and ensures Full Compliance. This document is in Word Format for ease of electronic infilling and will save you a lot of time and money as this template could be used over and over on numerous projects. When purchased, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link for instant and easily download to any digital device. The link does not expire, that means you could download this document in future as and when you need it.

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