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Feasibility Stage. Human Resources. Study Deliverables and Gate Criteria

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This Feasibility Stage Human Resources document offers meticulous step-by-step guidance for the business case, considering all HR-related elements to ensure comprehensive coverage. The first section focuses on people requirements and gap assessments, including a thorough review and confirmation of employment legislation, taxation regulation, immigration law strategies, and workforce market research. It also addresses labour employment costs, the remuneration framework, workforce labour planning, accommodation, and transportation. The second section delves into HR resources and resourcing strategy development and implementation, covering workforce competitor analysis, cultural understanding and development, learning and development frameworks with associated costs, resourcing and recruitment frameworks and costs, communications strategy, HR policies, procedures, process implications, HR risk assessment and mitigation planning, and HR support. The third section provides insights into HR strategy handover from projects to operations, with a focus on HR project close-out. The fourth section concentrates on the owner and EPCM team structure and dynamics. The fifth and final section offers guidance on HR systems. Compiled by a team of HR and mining experts with extensive knowledge and expertise, these three documents ensure thorough and effective HR planning. Purchasing the complete package of all three documents provides a 5% discount compared to buying them individually.

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