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General Permit to Work

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This concise one page General Permit to Work document is an ideal Monitoring Tool to use Before Operatives are put to work and to Ensure the Control Measures are implemented During the works. This document consists of 4 key sections. The 1st section is to make it Project, Task and Individual Specific. The 2nd section is for commencement, the 3rd section is for Authorisation and Acceptance and the 4th section is for Operational Status and Cancellation. Each section contains a description of what is required. This document is in Word Format for ease of electronic infilling and will save you a lot of time and money as this template could be used over and over on numerous projects. When purchased, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link for instant and easily download to any digital device. The link does not expire, that means you could download this document in future as and when you need it.

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