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Head Protection on Construction Sites

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This concise and informative 6 page document discusses head protection used in the construction industry. Firstly, bump caps are described and the various types available, their protection level and where and by who they are normally worn. Secondly, Hard hats are described and the 3 different classes. Thereafter, the six different types are described with a description of each. Why it is important to wear hard hats in the construction industry is explained, including the colour coding accepted by most large international construction companies. Guidance on when to replace your hard hat is also given with examples of how not to wear your hard hat. This document Includes text and photographs and is in PDF format. When purchased you will also receive the same content in a 12 page Power Point slide, ideal for classroom use, free of charge, including a Record Sheet in Word format so you that you can add your company name or logo at the top. This free record sheet is included so that operatives can sign to confirm that they have received and understood the information and will adhere to the guidance in the document. You will receive all 3 documents in a Zip Folder via the downloadable link that will be sent to your email address.

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