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Operational Readiness Planning Guideline

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The Operational Readiness Planning and Estimating Guideline (ORP) is a comprehensive document spanning 26 pages, structured into 6 main sections. These sections include Policy, Scope, and Purpose; Introduction to Operational Expenditure (OPEX); Overview; Key Step Details; and an extensive help section on the document’s utilization. The Introduction to OPEX segment is notably thorough, covering Description, Purpose, and Responsibilities. The Overview section encompasses Set up and Application, Ownership & Responsibilities, Guidelines, Indicators, Caveats, Value Proposition & ORP, and an overview of all 4 key steps. The Key Steps Details section delves deeply into each step, providing comprehensive insights. The “How to Use This Document” section comprises 11 detailed subsections. Crafted by a team of top-tier mining consultants with extensive knowledge and experience, this document is applicable to any type of mining project. Whether it’s a new venture, an extension to an existing project, or involving Open Pit, Extraction, or other mining methods, this meticulously prepared guideline offers comprehensive support for operational readiness planning and estimating.

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