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Pre-Feasibility Stage – Package of all ten documents

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Once a business case has been established with the aid of conceptual stage documentation, the focus shifts to the pre-feasibility study stage. A set of ten Pre-Feasibility documents serves as a guide for navigating this crucial stage of your mining project. This document package encompasses all ten Pre-Feasibility Stage documents, providing comprehensive and invaluable guidance for new mining projects or expansions of existing ones. Spanning disciplines such as Geoscience, Government and Social Affairs, Legal, Human Resources, Project Management, Mining, Engineering, Metallurgy, Supply Chain, Safety, and Sustainable Development, these documents meticulously outline every necessary step to achieve desired outcomes effectively. Purchasing these documents as a package of ten offers a 5% cost-saving, enhancing their value for businesses and organizations seeking thorough Pre-Feasibility stage guidance. Developed through years of experience and collaboration among leading mining professionals, these documents have undergone rigorous testing to provide the industry’s best overall and comprehensive guidance.

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