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Traffic Marshal Package

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This Comprehensive Recruiters Package for Traffic Marshals has been specifically compiled to ensure that the Traffic Marshal has all the necessary documents when he / she reports for duty. There are six statutory documents included in this pack. A Traffic Marshal Method Statement, Traffic Marshal Risk Assessment, Occupational Health Questionnaire, Traffic Marshal Daily Check sheet, Labour Project Notification, and an Agency PPE Issue form. These 6 documents are in Word format for ease of infilling and, to make them company or project specific by inserting your logo or details.

Also included are 12 very relevant and informative Training documents (Toolbox Talks) These will ensure that the operative fully understands the risks and receives all the necessary information regarding Traffic Management duties. The following training documents are included: Air Pollution and the Environmental Impact, Bystander Safety Near Construction sites, Hazards Causing Risk to the Public, The Importance of Hydration, Sun Safety and Construction Workers, Construction Site Transport and its Risks and Precautions, The Benefits of High-Visibility clothing, Personal Protective Equipment, Guidance Regarding Incident Reporting, Accident Procedures explained, Road and Street safety and Vehicle Banksmen’s duties. These 12 documents are in PDF format only.

When an operative turns up to a job / project with all their statutory documents and training documents, it puts the recruitment company ahead of any opposition with regards to professionalism, investing in their labour, valuing the safety of their operatives, and shows complete competence.

This package of documents are also suitable for anyone else who employs, manages, or uses traffic marshals on their project. Risks are significantly reduced and managed and complete peace of mind is restored as each individual traffic marshal should be 100% clear regarding their duties and safety and, should be fully competent.

This package of 18 documents are 25% cheaper than purchasing them individually. When purchased, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link for instant and easy download to your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. The link does not expire, that means you could download this package of documents in future as and when you need it, even if you change companies providing you use the same login details.

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